Paint Color Consulting

Forget about agonizing over thousands of colors and being overwhelmed with maximizing your home's cohesiveness and flow. We are here to come in and streamline the process!

  • a provision for paint samples- up to three colors per space
  • a provision for paint materials- brushes, plastic, etc
  • ongoing cosultation during the project
  • establishing a color palette to maximize flow
  • assistance with color selection including a customized color plan that is complete with brand name, paint color name, wall application and paint finish
  • three meet-up's during the color selection process

This package includes:

Meeting 1-

  • discussion of the space  and evaluation of the space being addressed
  • make initial color choice selections- up to 3 colors per space
  • paint fan decks/samples will be provided

Meeting 2-

  • initially selected color samples will be applied and left on the wall(s) to be viewed during different times of the day. This will show you how they may be altered by light depending on the times of the day.

Meeting 3-

  • return within 72 hours of initial application for final evaluation and final selection of colors

This package is for 1 room only. Please contact us for additional room costs.